Spectator Information PLAINS RALLY 2018

As Event Organisers, we all love our sport, we know you do too, we want you to visit our event and have a safe viewing experience, but we need your help and cooperation, to ensure that this happens. The organiser’s have put a lot of effort into identifying risk, and introducing control measures, we haven’t done this because we are “kill-joys” or “job’s worth's,” but because we have a duty of care to ensure that we offer a safe viewing experience for you. Our actions, and yours are being watched by a number of interested parties including the landowners, and if we don’t deliver a safe event, we may not have an event in the future. As organiser’s, we have done all we can pre-event, we will take all necessary steps on the event, to ensure its safe running, including cancellation of a stage or stages, if that’s what’s required.

PLEASE plan your event with safety in mind. The following points may help:


  • We have tried to ensure that you will be able to reach your chosen spectator viewing area without walking on the special stage. If you decide to leave the stage prior to the last competitor, PLEASE ensure that you walk on the pathways or behind the tree line. All the competitors will be travelling at high speeds and spectators are strongly advised NOT to walk on the rally route.
  • All spectators are reminded that motorsport can be dangerous and despite us taking all reasonable precautions, unavoidable accidents can happen. In respect of these, you are present at your own risk.
  • We ask that you obey all instructions of safety marshals, spectator marshals and police officers in relation to your safety and that of others.
  • Please make sure you dress to take full account of the weather. As some of you may be arriving or departing in the dark, please remember to bring a torch with you. Also remember to wear sturdy footwear for typical forest conditions. Please be aware that the weather at the time of the event can be wet and extremely cold especially for the early morning and late afternoon stages.
  • Please do not bring your dogs to the event as they can be startled by the loud noises and cause a danger to others - disabled assistance dogs only (on leads at all times.)
  • Children and infants should ALWAYS be accompanied by an adequate amount of adults at all times who are responsible for their behaviour and safety.
  • Beware of flying stones and uneven or slippery surfaces.
  • Stay above the track (never below).
  • Do no stand in the straight-on position - you will be removed.
  • Respect the signs and the tape; Yellow and Black is GOOD - i.e., it is ok to stand behind this tape, Red and White = a NO GO area, Prohibited area MEANS prohibited area.



You should also be aware that some of our ‘safety cars’ and the competing cars are equipped with on-board cameras. These cameras will be used to identify spectators standing in dangerous areas. If you do choose to ignore the advice given above you will more than likely come across one of these signs. We are using 158 of these signs this year. It is very simple; if you are in an area where this sign is displayed, you should not be there; you are risking your own life and putting the event at risk of being cancelled.



  • Jordan Road Surfacing BTRDA Rally Series
  • Pirelli MSA Welsh Stage Rally Championship
  • Restruct Ltd & www.jelfmotorsport.com Welsh Mixed Surface Championship
  • ANWCC Forest Stage Rally Championship



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