Raf Rescue provides event organisers rescue and medical cover to deal with the unforeseen incidents that may happen during an event.

Motorsport can be dangerous and the unexpected can happen in the most diverse locations, be it in a forest or road rally, racetrack, sprint or hill climb events.


motorsport UK stipulate the requirement and numbers of Motorsport UK Rescue Units to be present at the event to provide optimum safety cover.

Most competing cars in motorsport are governed by safety regulations including roll cages, full safety harness and fire suppression systems, not forgetting the competitors PPE.


Motorsport UK Rescue Units are crewed by a minimum of 2 licensed crew for rallies and minimum of 3 for speed events.

On all events it is a MSA regulation that a Doctor or Paramedic is on the Rescue Unit.


The Rescue Unit is part of the event Safety Team and works alongside a Recovery Unit at an event. The Recovery Unit assists the Rescue unit at an incident and will recover any broken down or immobile competitor’s cars, which may end in diverse locations some distance from the road.


The Rescue Unit provides rescue and medical cover for the Recovery Unit while they complete recovery of competitors at the end of the event.


Spectator Viewing Area's



Raf Rescue averages around 45 days of events per year and covers approx 10,000 miles travelling to and from events.

Motorsport event locations include travelling to the North of Aberdeen, Isle of Mull, Border Counties, North West, North East, North Wales, South Wales, East Midlands, Isle of Man, and several locations providing cover for World Rally Championship (WRC) team testing.


We have supported and provided rescue and medical cover for the following championships:


• World Rally Championship

• British Rally Championship

• British Sprint Championship

• Scottish Sprint Championship

• British and Scottish Tarmac Rally Championship


Raf Rescue have been involved in several incidents on events, always providing gold standard rescue and medical support to competitors, officials and spectators whilst attending motorsport events, working closely with the air ambulance and the NHS ambulance services.





Raf Rescue is a totally voluntary organisation that operate on contributions from providing rescue and medical cover from the events they attend, including sponsorship which the donations all go back into the cost of running this vital aspect of motorsport safety provider.


Because all the equipment carried on Raf Rescue has to be purchased, serviced and replenished including the ongoing maintenance and repairs of covering 10,000 miles a year providing a voluntary service for motorsport.

Everything that is earned from event cover is reinvested back into Raf Rescue to keeping everything working smoothly and professionally.


The unit initially cost £26,000 to purchase before the rescue and medical kit was added so just to give you the commitment Raf Rescue are doing to provide safety to motorsports is huge.


Take a look at the Raf Rescue website CLICK HERE






  • Pirelli MSA Welsh Stage Rally Championship
  • Restruct Ltd & Welsh Mixed Surface Championship
  • ANWCC Forest Stage Rally Championship



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